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Radio Clowns was formed with the idea in mind that playing music is something to be enjoyed by everyone, especially YOU!  If you're not dancing, then we want you to at least be bouncing and swaying in your seat, while singing along to the wide variety of music that we play. Our goal is a performance that brings energy, dynamics and strong vocals, all supported by a solid groove that moves your body and soul.

Jason (Bass/Vocals)

Jason has been entertaining folks with his music for as long as he can remember.  He began his journey at the age of eight, noodling on the Alto Sax.  Twenty two years later, Jason has sung all around the world, from Maryland to California and across the Pacific Ocean to the small island of Okinawa.  On "Oki", Jason had his first rock n' roll experience with the band Level III.  He became addicted to being on stage jamming with the band in front of a hopping crowd.  Coming back to the States, Jason concentrated on voice and studied with Dr. William Heim at Towson University.  With opera not being his "thing" and unable to give up the smoky bar scene, Jason enjoyed being in bands such as Steve and Jay, Us/Hollow/Luca's Crossing and now Radio Clowns.  He is influenced by the greats: The Beatles, CSNY, Counting Crows, Live and Pearl Jam, with a hint of Broadway and Classical.  When he's not playing music or watching "Ray-Ray", he spends his time chillin' with friends and family or dressing up in leather to take out "his girl" -- a '99 Superglide.

Greg (Percussion/Vocals)

Greg has been beating the skins for over 20 years including the last 15 in clubs throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.  He has performed with such bands as The Skurj, Mercy Street, Swerve, Cousin Eddie and now Radio Clowns.  He has studied with local legends Dennis Chambers and Jim Hoover, refining his playing style to laying down a solid, crisp backbeat with tasteful accents, dynamics and fills, all complimented with lead and harmony vocals.  His musical influences include The Who, Doobie Brothers, Joe Jackson, U2, Pearl Jam, Matchbox 20, Bare Naked Ladies, Dave Mathews and many more.  When he's not playing music, Greg enjoys spending time with his family and friends, rooting for his favorite teams (Ravens and Hokies) and trying to perfect his jump shot with its accompanying seven-inch vertical leap.

Krusty (Sounds)

Krusty is that other guy who makes all of those funny sounds.